Samsung UN55RU7100 vs UN55NU6900 (UN55RU7100FXZA vs UN55NU6900FXZA) Comparison : What is Their Key Difference between the Two?

Samsung UN55RU7100

Samsung UN55RU7100 (UN55RU7100FXZA) and UN55NU6900 (UN55NU6900FXZA) are both introduced as standard 4K UHD TV from Samsung. Samsung UN55RU7100 comes as part of Samsung’s 2019 TV lineup, while Samsung UN65NU6900 was released as part of Samsung’s 2018 TV lineup. Although they are not positioned as the successor and predecessor model, they…
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Samsung UN55RU7300 vs UN55NU7300 Review : Why Should You Choose the New Samsung UN55RU7300?

Samsung UN55RU7300

We can easily guess that Samsung UN55RU7300 (UN55RU7300FXZA) is the model that introduced as successor model of Samsung UN55NU7300 (UN55NU7300FXZA). We can find that Samsung UN55RU7300 comes as part of Samsung’s 2018 TV lineup, while Samsung UN55NU7300 was introduced as part of Samsung’s 2018 TV lineup. Why should you choose…
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Samsung QN55Q60R vs QN55Q6FN (QN55Q60RAFXZA vs QN55Q6FNAFXZA) Comparison : Similarities and Differences between Samsung’s 2019 and 2018 Basic 55-Inch QLED TV

Samsung QN55Q60R

We should mention Samsung QN55Q60R (QN55Q60RAFXZA) and QN55Q6FN (QN55Q6FNAFXZA) as two options that we should consider if we are looking for affordable 55-Inch QLED TV model in 2019 which can deliver 100% color spectrum. Samsung QN55Q60R comes as the successor model of Samsung QN55Q6FN that was released as part of…
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