Vizio M60-D1 vs M60-C3 Comparison : Vizio’s New and Old 60-Inch M Series Similarities and Differences

Vizio M60-D1

M60-D1 and M60-C3 are two Vizio’s 60-Inch M-model from 2016 and 2016 lineup. As the newer and older model, you can find similarities and differences between those two M-model. What are their similarities and differences? I’m sure that you are interested to know more about their similarities and differences if you…
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Samsung UN60KS8000 vs UN60JS7000 Differences : What are the Differences on The New and Old 60-Inch Basic SUHD TV?

Samsung UN60KS8000

Samsung UN60KS8000 is the basic 60-Inch SUHD TV from Samsung’s 2016 TV lineup. Samsung UN60KS8000 can be positioned as the new model for Samsung UN60JS7000 that comes as the basic 60-Inch SUHD TV from Samsung’s 2015 TV lineup. As the model that can be considered as the successor and predecessor,…
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