Samsung QN65Q70T vs QN65Q70R (QN65Q70TAFXZA vs QN65Q70RAFXZA) Comparison : How does Samsung’s 65-Inch 2020 Q70T Compared to 65-Inch 2019 Q70R?

Samsung QN65Q70TAFXZA

You may guess that Samsung QN65Q70T (QN65Q70TAFXZA) is introduced as the successor model of Samsung QN65Q70R (QN65Q70RAFXZA). Although it’s not 100% correct, we can still call Samsung QN65Q70T as the newer 65-Inch 2020 Q70 Samsung QLED TV model (Q70T) while Samsung QN65Q70R was released as 65-Inch screen size option of…
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Samsung QN65Q60T vs QN65Q60R (QN65Q60TAFXZA vs QN65Q60RAFXZA) Differences : Any Reason to Choose Samsung QN65Q60T?

Samsung QN65Q60TAFXZA

We can find Samsung QN65Q60T (QN65Q60TAFXZA) and QN65Q60R (QN65Q60RAFXZA) are both introduced as basic 65-Inch QLED TV model. Samsung QN65Q60T is the basic 65-Inch QLED TV model from Samsung’s 2020 TV lineup while Samsung QN65Q60R was released as the basic 65-Inch QLED TV model from Samsung’s 2019 TV lineup. So…
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