LG 65UH9500 vs 65UH8500 Differences : Why Should You Consider LG 65UH9500?

65UH9500 and 65UH8500 are two models that currently positioned as the top models for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD LED TV from LG’s 2016 TV lineup. If you are looking for the new 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV from LG, I’m quite sure that you consider LG 65UH9500 and 65UH8500 when you are looking for the best picture quality in the lower price than OLED. There are similarities between LG 65UH9500 and 65UH8550, while there are also some differences between them. When you consider those two TVs as your choice then I’m sure you want to know what are the differences between them so that you can be sure on decide which of those two TVs is more suitable for you.

LG 65UH9500 Short Introduction

LG 65UH9500

LG 65UH9500

LG 65UH9500 is the top model that you can find for 65-Inch Smart LED 4K UHD TV from LG’s 2016 TV lineup. Although LG 65UH9500 is not use OLED as its backlight, It still can deliver excellent picture quality in 4K UHD picture resolution. LG 65UH9500 comes with the latest development in LED Picture quality. It comes with IPS quantum display that can deliver lifelike picture quality as well as able to deliver accurate color details from any angles you are watching. It also comes with the new HDR Super with Dolby Vision technology that bring deeper black and better brightness combined with elevated standard of HDR from Dolby. On the Smart TV platform, you can find WebOS 3.0 that bring premium entertainment to your home. It also comes with smart functions such as magic mobile connection and magic zoom as well as the new magic remote that control your TV and the Smart TV platform easier and faster.

LG 65UH9500 is able to deliver great picture quality said the customers. The customers additionally said that this TV can bring sharp picture with dark blacks and bright whites. The Smart TV platform is very good while the magic remote is also easy to use. The customers also said that this TV can deliver good sound quality. You can get more detailed reviews from the customers about their LG 65UH9500 on this page…

LG 65UH8500 Short Introduction

LG 65UH8500

LG 65UH8500

LG 65UH8500 is positioned as the lower model of LG 65UH9500. It comes with quantum display that bring richer color for lifelike picture quality. It also comes with HDR Super with Dolby Vision technology, so that you can be sure to enjoy deeper black and vibrant brightness on this TV model. The screen of LG 65UH8500 also comes with IPS Panel, so that you can enjoy accurate color details from any angles you are watching. As part of LG’s 2016 Smart TV, LG 65UH8500 is completed with WebOS 3.0 as its Smart TV platform. WebOS 3.0 is the improvement from WebOS 2.0. You can enjoy few improved and newer features such as Magic mobile connection and magic Zoom on WebOS 3.0. To complete the WebOS 3.0 experience, LG 65UH8500 is completed with magic remote to help you control the TV and WebOS 3.0 easier and faster.

LG 65UH8500 is more popular choice than LG 65UH9500 if we look at their sales rankings. The customers of LG 65UH8500 are mostly satisfied with their purchase. They said that this TV can deliver wonderful picture with realistic color and deep black. It also can deliver great 4K upscaling result. TV setup is very simple while the WebOS is snappy and responsive as reported by the customers on their comments. The customers also love the magic remote that’s smart but easy to use. Most of the customers also agree that this TV is able to deliver good sound output with the speaker designed by Harman/Kardon. Are you interested to know more about this TV model? You can read more about LG 65UH9500 customers’ feedback here…

LG 65UH9500 vs 65UH8500 : Similarities and Differences Table

It’s important to know the similarities and differences of LG 65UH9500 and 65UH8500 before We talk more about their differences. You can see the similarities and differences of LG 65UH9500 and 65UH8550 on the table below.

LG 65UH9500 LG 65UH8500
Introduced February 2016 January 2016
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Backlight LED Full Array LED
4K Upscale YES YES
Picture Engine Super Mastering Engine Super Mastering Engine
Quantum Display YES YES
HDR Super with Dolby Vision YES YES
Smart TV WebOS 3.0 WebOS 3.0
Remote Control Magic Remote Magic Remote
3D Passive 3D Passive 3D
Speaker System 2.2Ch 40W 2.2CH 40W
Built-in Wifi 802.11ac 802.11ac
HDMI/USB 3/3 3/3
Ultra Thin Design YES NO
Price +/- $800 Higher

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+/- $800 Lower

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LG 65UH9500 vs 65UH8500 : What are Their Differences?

From the table above, We already know the similarities and differences of LG 65UH9500 and 65UH8500. LG 65UH9500 and 65UH8500 come with almost the same specs and technology. The main differences between them only come from the design and price.

LG 65UH9500 as the higher model come with new ultra-thin UniScreen design as well as almost invisible bezel so that you can enjoy edgeless watching experience. LG 65UH9500 is only about a quarter of an inch at its thinnest point. LG 65UH8500 comes with more standard conventional design than LG 65UH9500. If you are special customer that appreciate better watching experience, you should try the “floating on air” watching experience of LG 65UH9500.

In the price side, there’s a significant difference between LG 65UH9500 and 65UH8500. LG 65UH9500 is commonly priced at around $800 higher than LG 65UH8500. When We talk about percentage, We can find that LG 65UH9500 is around 47% higher than LG 65UH8500. It’s a significant difference that must be considered by most of the prospective buyers.

Why Should You Consider LG 65UH9500?

As we have talked about LG 65UH9500 and 65UH8500 as well as seeing their differences, the next question is why should We consider LG 65UH9500. Isn’t It? The main answer for that question is better watching experience. As we already know that the specs of LG 65UH9500 and 65UH8500 are almost the same, there’s no reason to go ahead with LG 65UH9500 because of their design. LG 65UH9500 is for anyone that have larger budget and want something special then just usual 4K UHD TV. It’s for anyone that want better edgeless watching experience with ultra-thin uniscreen design. It’s also priced at significant higher price and It’s just suitable for “special” customers who demand better watching experience. If you are one of those customers that don’t mind to pay more for better edgeless or floating in air watching experience, then LG 65UH9500 is the one for you. Where you should order one? We recommend you to order LG 65UH9500 here…

LG 65UH8500 is in the other hand for most of the usual customers that looking for the better specs for their new 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV. LG 65UH8500 comes with almost identical specs as LG 65UH8500 and just missing ultra-thin uniscreen design. So if you are only looking for the best specs in 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV, then I’m sure that choosing LG 65UH8500 is a good decision for you. You can enjoy the same level of picture and smart entertainment on LG 65UH8500 while you should pay significantly lower price for that. Where’s the recommended place to order one? You can order LG 65UH8500 here…


  1. Don

    I have been led to believe from an LG tech that the 9500 has a 10 bit panel while the 8500 has an 8 bit panel.

    Because of this the 9500 has more detail in the bright area and better contrast and is capable of producing
    1024 shades of Red, Green and Blue or One Billion Colors.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thanks for Sharing that Don.

    2. gbaro

      Hallo Don,

      could you please gime me some more information about this supposed difference (10bit vs 8bit)?

      On LG site both are HDR Dolby vision certified, capable of 1024 shades and, looking at the detailed specs, the two panels look to be exactly the same. Could you provide some more precise information given by the LG tech you mentioned?


      1. HJ

        See website:

        UH9500 Series
        The UH9500 models feature a new thin-design concept that reduces the gaps between the panel and back cover chassis. The Billion Rich Colors system in the 9500 series uses a true 10-bit panel. Other features include an Ultra Luminance brightness boost, and 240 effective Motion Rate (120Hz native refresh rate). The screen measures just 6.6mm (.22 inches) deep and features a nearly invisible bezel, for a floating-on-air appearance, LG said.
        The Cinema Screen design uses a four-sided even-formed bezel frame. The models also offer a built-in sound system developed in conjunction with audio pioneer harman/kardon that enhances the depth of audio. A new LG Magic Sound Tuning function measures and analyzes the viewer’s environment and makes adjustments to customize the sound to the room’s specific conditions. The TVs are 3D capable with passive 3D glasses.

        UH8500 Series
        The UH8500 series includes the new Color Prime Pro wide color gamut, Billion Rich Colors using a new 10-bit dithering technique for “close to true 10-bit panel results,” Ultra Luminance circuitry, 240 effective Motion Rate (120Hz native refresh rate), ultra-slim panel and new Cinema Screen cosmetic with three-sided thin-bezel frame. The TVs are 3D capable and ship with two pair of passive 3D glasses.
        LG said the Color Prime Pro found in the UH8500 and UH9500 series, goes up to about 125% of the Rec. 709 color gamut standard for HDTV and about 91% of the DCI-P3 color recommendation used for professional digital theaters. By comparison, 2016 OLED TVs will be just shy of 100% of DCI-P3.

  2. George Burnham

    I am too thinking about the two UH8500 and UH9500 65″ tv’s. I do remember now about the 8bit vs 10 bit. I did read that somewhere in my searches. I also went to Best Buy and looked at both. Now, I know that is not the best place to compare, but the way they set up the two, the picture did look a bit more natural or dense (? better?) on the UH9500, but the UH8500 looked really good to me, except that they had it next to the Oled model. The UH9500 was in a slightly different area next to different models and it was noticeably better looking. Could it have been just the set up?

    1. Ali

      i also went to see them next to each other and could’nt find any difference, so i think it was only the setup which made you think 9500 is better. the funny thing is on rtings.com testing the uh8500 did better!

  3. David

    I just bought the 65UH8500 mainly for 3D support which is very good. But there’s an awful lot of dark and light vertical banding with each band about three to five inches across and most noticeably and often on the left and right sides. This banding is mostly visible when backlighting setting is greater than 80 and when the image is a mixture of dark areas and bright areas. Example when it’s just a dark screen and I’m moving the Magic Remote pointer around the screen there is a vertical brighter band from top to bottom along the ‘Y’ axis bottom to top at the ‘X’ coordinate of the pointer. I can reduce the brightness and backlighting to reduce this effect but it’s not the best picture setting. Only have a few days left in the return window. If this is a known issue with the 65UH8500 that is not present in the 65UF9500 I might want to go for that one instead.


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