LG OLED55B7P vs OLED55B6P Differences : What is Better in the New B7P Model?

LG OLED55B7P is the successor of LG OLED55B6P in LG’s 2017 TV lineup. As the successor model, you can find there are similarities between LG OLED55B7P and LG OLED55B6P as its predecessor. But what’s better in the new LG OLED55B7P as the newer model? If you are interested in LG OLED55B7P as your new TV, I’m quite sure that you also want to know the answer for that question. Let’s compare LG OLED55B7P and OLED55B6P and find the answer for that question on this article.

LG OLED55B7P Short Introduction



LG OLED55B7P comes as part of LG B7P model. LG B7P is the basic model for LG’s 2017 OLED TV, thus LG OLED55B7P is the basic 55-Inch OLED TV from LG in 2017. With its OLED panel, LG OLED55B7P can deliver perfect black that bring infinite contrast as the pixels can be powered off completely. The OLED panel also bring pixel dimming so that each of the pixels can be dimmed and brightened autonomously. LG OLED55B7P also comes with Active HDR with Dolby Vision that can bring perfect details with expanded contrast just like what intended by the filmmaker as major studios are using Dolby Vision. The Dolby Vision is also matched with Dolby Atmos that’s also installed on LG OLED55B7P to bring cinematic watching experience at your home. The Smart TV platform of LG OLED55B7P is WebOS 3.5 that comes as improvement of WebOS 3.0 that used by 2016 LG Smart TV. Magic Remote is also included with the TV set to make controlling the TV and its Smart TV platform more convenient. You can check today’s offer of LG OLED55B7P on Ebay here…

LG OLED55B6P Short Introduction



LG OLED55B6P is one of the bestselling OLED TV from 2016 OLED TV lineup. It’s the basic 55-Inch OLED TV model from LG’s 2016 TV lineup. LG OLED55B6P can bring perfect black with the ability of its pixels to be switched off completely and cinematic colors with color palettes that matches today’s high-end digital cinemas. LG OLED55B6P is already completed with OLED HDR to bring accurate details with expanded contrast from HDR contents with Dolby Vision Support. LG OLED55B6P comes with WebOS 3.0 as its Smart TV platform. WebOS 3.0 can deliver premium contents to your home, while can run additional apps with the access to LG Content/Apps store. Magic Remote that completed with natural voice recognition is also included on the TV set to help you control the TV easier and faster. You can check today’s offer of LG OLED55B6P on Ebay here…


Table of Specs & Features of LG OLED55B7P and OLED55B6P

Let’s take a look at the specs & features of LG OLED55B7P and OLED55B6P before We talk more about the comparison of LG OLED55B7P and OLED55B6P. The specs and features of those two TVs can be found on the table below.

Introduced 2017 2016
Screen Size 55-inch 55-inch
Display Tech OLED OLED
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
4K Upscaler YES YES
Perfect Black YES YES
Cinematic Color YES YES
Pixel Dimming YES YES
HDR Active HDR with Dolby Vision OLED HDR with Dolby Vision
3D Feature NO NO
Smart TV Platform WebOS 3.5 WebOS 3.0
Remote Control Magic Remote Magic Remote
Speaker System 2.2Ch 40W 4.0Ch 40W
Dolby Atmos YES NO
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
USB/HDMI 4/3 4/3
Price Higher

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LG OLED55B7P and OLED55B6P Comparison & Differences

The specs & features table above tells us that there are several similarities and few differences between LG OLED55B7P and OLED55B6P. Let’s compare those two TVs based on those specs and features.

Picture Technology

Both of LG OLED55B7P and OLED55B6P come with OLED Panel. OLED Panel is able to deliver perfect black with its pixel ability to be completely powered off, cinematic color with its wide color palette and infinite contrast with its pixel dimming.

Both of LG OLED55B7P and OLED55B6P come with HDR Technology with Dolby Vision support. But there’s indeed difference on the HDR technology that used by those two TVs. LG OLED55B7P comes with Active HDR, while LG OLED55B6P comes with OLED HDR. Active HDR is the new technology that comes as the improvement of OLED HDR. So you can expect better HDR quality in OLED55B7P than what you can get with OLED55B6P.

Smart TV Platform & Remote Control

We can find that the Smart TV platform that used by LG OLED55B7P and OLED55B6P is similar WebOS Smart TV platform. But the version of WebOS used by those two TVs are different. LG OLED55B7P comes with WebOS 3.5, while LG OLED55B6P comes with WebOS 3.0. WebOS 3.5 is the improved version of WebOS 3.0. So you can expect smarter experience wit better user experience in the newer WebOS 3.5 than the previous WebOS 3.0. The Remote Control used by those two TVs are also similar with Magic Remote, that can control the TV and WebOS easier with its natural voice recognition.

Speaker System

The speaker system of LG OLED55B7P and OLED55B6P are different. LG OLED55B7P comes with 2.2Ch 40W speaker system, while LG OLED55B6P comes with 4.0Ch 40W speaker system. Although the power output of those two speakers are similar, but 2.2Ch is basically can deliver richer sound details than 4.0Ch speaker system. The speaker of LG OLED55B7P is also better with additional Dolby Atmos Technology that can deliver more beautiful sound in combination with Dolby Vision technology.


As the new model, you can find that LG OLED55B7P is offered at the higher price. How much is their price difference? The price difference varies between the retailers that offered them. So It’s a good idea for you to check today’s price of those two TVs to know their latest price difference.


Why Should You Choose the New Model?

From our discussion, We can find that LG OLED55B7P is the new model that comes with few improvements. The improvements can be found on the HDR technology, WebOS Smart TV platform and Dolby Atmos. You can get better HDR picture, better Smart TV platform and better sound quality on the new LG OLED55B7P. But You should prepare more budget if you want to order the new LG OLED55B7P. Where should you order one? You can Check Today’s Offer of LG OLED55B7P on Ebay here…

LG OLED55B6P as the older model is a good alternative choice if you have more limited budget for your next 55-Inch OLED 4K UHD TV. Although It’s using the older HDR technology, WebOS version as well as no Dolby Atmos, but It still can deliver excellent picture and entertainment without any problems as what the customers said on their feedback. So if you have more limited budget, you can consider LG OLED55B6P as your choice. Where’s recommended place to order one? You should Check Today’s Offer of LG OLED55B6P on Ebay here…

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    I very much appreciate your early comparison of these sets as I just bought two B7’s on only the say so of a dealer but, he really did give me a great deal. Trying to find out the differences on LG’s website is impossible – their comparison page is pathetic.

    Thanks again.


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