Samsung UN55JU6700 vs UN55HU7250 Comparison : Is the Newer Better?

Samsung UN55JU6700 can be called the new model of Samsung UN55HU7250 in the new 2015 lineup. Samsung UN55JU6700 bring several similarities from the older UN55HU7250. You can find that It’s positioned as basic 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV that characterized with less picture technology without any 3D feature. Samsung UN55JU6700 as its predecessor use curved panel design that bring panoramic watching experience to your home. As the new model, is there any improvement on the new model Samsung UN55JU6700? Is it the better model? This article talk about the comparison between Samsung UN55JU6700 and UN55HU7250 and see whether the new Samsung UN55JU6700 is the better model than UN55HU7250.

Samsung UN55JU6700

Samsung UN55JU6700

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Samsung UN55HU7250

Samsung UN55HU7250

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What are their Similarities?

There’re several similarities between Samsung UN55JU6700 as the new model and the old model Samsung UN55HU7250. We can see the similarities between those two TVs on the table below:

Samsung UN55JU6700 Samsung UN55HU7250
Screen Size 55-inch 55-inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Panel Design Curved Curved
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 120 Motion Rate 120
Backlight LED LED
Dimming UHD Dimming UHD Dimming
3D Feature NO NO
Remote Control Smart Remote Smart Remote
Built-in Wi-fi YES YES
HDMI/ USB Inputs 4/3 4/3

From the table above, We can summarize the similarities between the new Samsung UN55JU6700 and the old Samsung UN55HU7250 as follow

1. Picture Resolution

As technology evolve, the current standard of picture resolution on TV is now changed to 4K UHD picture resolution. Both of the new JU6700 and old HU7250 use 4K UHD as their picture resolution. With 4K UHD picture resolution, you can enjoy up to four time more brilliant picture quality than the previous 1080p Full HD resolution.

2. Panel Design

One of the special thing from UN55JU6700 and UN55HU7250 is the curved panel design with relatively affordable price. With curved panel design, you can enjoy panoramic watching experience at your home.

3. Backlight and Dimming

Both of UN55JU6700 and UN55HU7250 are both LED TV, It means that they are using LED as their backlight technology. As part of Samsung 4K UHD TV, You can be sure that both of those TVs are completed with UHD Dimming technology. The UHD Dimming is the technology that bring more brilliant picture quality on the TV screen to complete the brilliant picture of 4K UHD resolution.

4. Smart TV with Smart Remote and No 3D

Samsung UN55JU6700 and UN55HU7250 are both Smart TV, Although they are using different version of Smart TV platform. You can also find Smart Remote along with the TV set. But unfortunately as basic Smart 4K UHD TV, you won’t find any 3D feature both on the new UN55JU6700 and the old UN55HU7250.

5. Refresh Rate Technology

As We watch a lot of fast action movies and sports on the TV screen, then We need to consider how smooth the fast motion images displayed on the TV screen. Samsung introduce the new Motion Rate as the new standard on measuring the smoothness of the fast motion images on the TV screen. Samsung UN55HU7250 from the older lineup and UN55JU6700 from the new lineup are both getting Motion Rate 120. It means that they are able to deliver smooth fast motion images when you watch your favorite action movies and sports. It also can deliver smooth action gaming screen although It’s not as smooth as Motion Rate 240 from the higher model.


What Are Their Differences?

There’re few differences between Samsung UN55JU6700 and its predecessor UN55HU7250. The differences between those two TVs can be seen on the table below:

Samsung UN55JU6700 Samsung UN55HU7250
Introduced March 2015 July 2014
Smart TV Platform 2015 Samsung Smart TV 2014 Samsung Smart TV
PurColor YES NO
Price Usually Lower

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Typically Higher

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From the table above, We can see that the differences between the two TVs come from the Smart TV platform, PurColor technology and its price. Let’s see them in details

1. Smart TV Platform

Samsung TV start their 2015 lineup by major improvement on Smart TV platform. The improvement is the Tizen OS that now powered their Smart TV. What’s special thing about Tizen based Smart TV platform? It give you more ability to run smart apps on your TV screen. The more Tizen Apps available then you can be sure that you can run more smart functions on your TV. Additionally the new 2015 Samsung Smart TV is nicer in design and better in response time than the older 2014 Samsung Smart TV.

2. PurColor Technology

Samsung UN55JU6700 as part of Samsung’s 2015 4K UHD TV lineup is completed with PurColor technology. PurColor technology is widely installed on Samsung’s 2015 4K UHD TV. What’s PurColor technology? It’s the technology to deliver more accurate color details in 4K UHD resolution to complement the brilliant picture quality from UHD Dimming technology. Previously Samsung use Wide Color Enhancer to deliver wider color spectrum on Samsung UN55HU7250.

3. Price

As the new model, you can find that Samsung UN55JU6700 is priced at typically lower price. We can’t say that It always be the case since price varies depend on the retailer and manufacturer. But in most occasions, You can find that Samsung UN55JU6700 is priced at cheaper price than UN55HU7250. Looks like Samsung is trying to make their entry level 55-Inch curved Smart 4K UHD TV more affordable so more people are able to afford their entry level Smart 4K UHD TV.

Summary: Is the new Samsung UN55JU6700 Better?

To answer that question, We should see the differences on the new Samsung UN55JU6700. As We have discussed above, the differences are all improvements. UN55JU6700 comes with better Tizen based Smart TV platform, PurColor technology and more affordable price. With better picture, newer Smart TV platform and more affordable price then We can simply conclude that Samsung UN55JU6700 is the better model that you should choose. It’s also proved with excellent customers’ ratings and their comments on Samsung UN55JU6700. They talk about the excellent picture quality completed with curved that perfect to watch at closer sitting distance. The beautiful picture comes with affordable price that make It worth the money that should be paid for it. If you are still not sure about choosing Samsung UN55JU6700, you can read more about the customers’ reviews of Samsung UN55JU6700 here. But if you are ready to order one, We can recommend you to order one here…

In the other side, Is there any reason to choose Samsung UN55HU7250? Samsung UN55HU7250 once priced at more expensive price. It’s also not completed with PurColor and use the older Smart TV platform. With this condition, you won’t consider to choose Samsung UN55HU7250 although It’s getting excellent feedback from their customers ( You can take a look at how good Samsung UN55HU7250 based on the customers who own It here). Maybe the only way that you should consider UN55HU7250 is when you can find it at less expensive price. You can check the price of Samsung UN55HU7250 here (You maybe can find it at less expensive price with special discount or closeout deal).

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