Samsung UN55KU7000 vs UN55JS7000 Comparison : Similarities and Differences that You Should Know Before You Choose

UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000 are two models that you may consider if you are looking for 55-Inch Flat Smart 4K UHD. Samsung UN55KU7000 is not the direct successor of Samsung UN55JS7000, but you may consider Samsung UN55KU7000 is the new alternative for Samsung UN55JS7000. You can find a number of similarities between Samsung UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000 but you also can find few differences as well. What are their similarities and differences? Let’s take a look at their comparison on this article.

What are The Similarities between Samsung UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000?

Samsung UN55KU7000

Samsung UN55KU7000

Although Samsung UN55KU7000 is not the direct successor of Samsung UN55JS7000, They have several similarities. What are their similarities? Let’s talk about that together.

1. 4K UHD Resolution with Flat Panel screen

4K UHD resolution become more and more popular this year because It can deliver up to four times more brilliant picture quality than previous 1080p Full HD resolution. Samsung also have curved panel as the new option for their 4K UHD screen. But There are still a lot of customers that love flat panel screen. That’s what you can find in Samsung UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000. They use flat panel design instead of curved panel.

2. UHD Dimming with UHD Upscaling

As the dimming technology, Samsung UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000 use UHD Dimming. UHD Dimming is able to deliver accurate details from both original 4K content sources or HD contents that upscaled into near 4K picture quality with UHD Upscaling technology.

3. Refresh Rate Technology

The refresh rate that used by Samsung LED TV is measured with Motion Rate term. Samsung UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000 come with the same Motion Rate. They come with Motion Rate 120. With Motion Rate 120, you can enjoy smooth fast motion images when you use the TV to watch your favorite action movies and sports.

4. Speaker System

The internal speaker system that attached on Samsung UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000 is similar. They come with 2Ch 20W speaker system. With 2Ch 20W speaker system, you can enjoy good sound quality in 55-Inch screen. But if you are audio enthusiast, I’m quite sure that you can consider external speaker system or soundbar to enjoy more powerful immersive sound quality with those two TVs.

Based on those similarities that We have talked about, We can make similarities table of Samsung UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000 like below

Samsung UN55KU7000 Samsung UN55JS7000
Size of Screen 55-inch 55-inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Panel Design Flat Flat
Backlight LED LED
UHD Upscaling YES YES
Depth Enhancing Technology Contrast Enhancer Contrast Enhancer
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 120 Motion Rate 120
Processor Quad-Core Quad-Core
3D Feature NO NO
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W

What are The Differences between Samsung UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000?

Samsung UN55JS7000

Samsung UN55JS7000

As two different models from different lineup year, you can guess that there are few differences between Samsung UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000. What are the differences between them? Let’s discuss that together.

1. Color Technology

Samsung UN55KU7000 comes with Active Crystal Color as its color technology, while Samsung UN55JS7000 that introduced as part of 2015’s SUHD TV series comes with Nano Crystal Color as its color technology. There’s no big difference between Active Crystal Color and Nano Crystal Color as color technology, but Maybe you can sometime feel that Nano Crystal Color is able to deliver more accurate color details than Active Crystal Color.

2. HDR Premium

The next difference of Samsung UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000 is the HDR technology. Samsung UN55KU7000 comes with HDR Premium as its HDR technology, while Samsung UN55JS7000 doesn’t come with any HDR Premium. With HDR Premium installed on it, you can enjoy better details and dynamic brightness from High Dynamic Range (HDR) delivered to that TV.

3. Smart TV Platform Version

Samsung Smart TV is installed on both Samsung UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000. But the version of Samsung Smart TV installed on those two TVs are different. Samsung UN55KU7000 comes with 2016 Samsung Smart TV, while Samsung UN55JS7000 comes with 2015 Samsung Smart TV. They are basically the same Smart TV platform with Tizen as their OS. But the new 2016 Samsung Smart TV comes as more stable and user friendly with the improvement that comes with it.


There’s also small difference that you can find on the number of HDMI/USB inputs that attached in those two TVs. Samsung UN55KU7000 comes with only 3 HDMI and 2 USB, while Samsung UN55JS7000 comes with 4 HDMI and 3 USB. With more HDMI/USB inputs, you can connect more devices at the same time to the TV. But basically 3 HDMI and 2 USB is enough for most customers.

5. Price

Samsung UN55KU7000 is priced at the lower price than Samsung UN55JS7000. Most retailers offer Samsung UN55KU7000 at few hundreds lower than Samsung UN55JS7000. You can find that the price difference varies between the retailers that offered those two TVs.

The differences between Samsung UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000 can be depicted with the table below.

Samsung UN55KU7000 Samsung UN55JS7000
Introduced April 2016 June 2015
Color Technology Active Crystal Color Nano Crystal Color
HDR Premium YES NO
Smart TV Platform 2016 Samsung Smart TV 2015 Samsung Smart TV
HDMI/USB 3/2 4/3
Price Less Expensive

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More Expensive

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Which Model Should You Choose?

We have talked about similarities and differences of Samsung UN55KU7000 and UN55JS7000. Samsung UN55KU7000 is introduced as the highest model for non SUHD TV series in 2016, while Samsung UN55JS7000 comes as the basic SUHD TV series of 2015. Samsung UN55KU7000 is better with its HDR Premium technology and newer Smart TV platform. It’s also priced at the lower price than Samsung UN55JS7000. So in general, Samsung UN55KU7000 with the newer Smart TV platform, HDR Premium technology and lower price is the one that you should consider. It’s also proved by its customers to be able to deliver excellent picture quality and Smart entertainment without any problems. You can find out more about what Samsung UN55KU7000 customers said on this page…

Samsung UN55JS7000 is indeed still a good choice that you should consider if you are looking for better color details. With its Nano Crystal Color, Samsung UN55JS7000 can deliver more lifelike color details in its 55-Inch screen. Additionally It also comes with more HDMI/USB inputs. But you have to prepare more budget to bring this TV home. Mostly the customers of Samsung UN55JS7000 are satisfied with their purchase, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of this TV model. If you still need to know more about Samsung UN55JS7000 from the customers’ perspective, you can read more Samsung UN55JS7000 customers’ comments here…

Where Should You Order One?

Order Samsung UN55KU7000 here…


Order Samsung UN55JS7000 here…

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