Samsung UN55MU8500 vs UN55MU8000 Review : What is Key Difference of Samsung’s 55-Inch MU8500 and MU8000 Model?

Are you looking for 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV? I’m sure that you should consider UN55MU8500 and UN55MU8000 from Samsung’s 2017 TV lineup as your alternative choices. Both of Samsung UN55MU8500 and UN55MU8000 are positioned as the Premium UHD TVs below the QLED TV models. As two near models, you can find there are a number of similarities between UN55MU8500 and UN55MU8000 that make you wonder which of them is the one that you should choose. To answer your question, Let’s talk about Samsung UN55MU8500 and UN55MU8000 then discuss more about their key differences on this article.

Samsung UN55MU8500 (UN55MU8500FXZA)

Samsung UN55MU8500

Samsung UN55MU8500

Samsung UN55MU8500 is released as part of Samsung MU8500 model. Samsung UN55MU8500 is positioned as the model below QLED but higher than Standard 4K UHD TV in Samsung’s 2017 TV lineup. Samsung UN55MU8500 comes with curved panel design that can deliver panoramic watching experience. It also comes with auto depth enhancer that analyze regions of each image to deliver greater sense of depth across the LED screen. The color technology of Samsung UN55MU8500 is 4K Color Drive Extreme that can deliver richer color details in 4K UHD resolution. Samsung UN55MU8500 also comes with 4K HDR Extreme as its HDR technology. This HDR technology is the improved version of previous HDR 1000 technology. With 4K HDR Extreme, you can get expanded details with enhanced contrast from your HDR contents. With Smart Hub that completed with Web Browser, you can access your favorite contents as well as running your favorite apps while accessing the info that you need with the web browser. Check Today’s Offer of Samsung UN55MU8500 on Ebay here…

Samsung UN55MU8000 (UN55MU8000FXZA)

Samsung UN55MU8000

Samsung UN55MU8000

UN55MU8000 is introduced by Samsung as part of its MU8000 model. Samsung MU8000 is the model that positioned as the premium UHD TV model higher than Samsung’s standard 4K UHD TV. Samsung UN55MU8000 comes with UHD Remastering Engine that completed with UHD Upscaling to bring brilliant picture quality from both original 4K content sources or HD contents that upscaled into near 4K picture quality. Besides completed with 4K Color Drive Extreme that bring richer color details, Samsung UN55MU8000 also comes with Peak Illuminator Pro and Precision Black to bring greater details on the bright part of the screen and deep black level on the dark part of the screen in combination with Triple Black Pro technology. Samsung UN55MU8000 also can deliver smooth fast motion images so that you can get fluid movement when you are using the TV to watch your favorite action movies and sports or playing your favorite action gaming on it. This TV is also completed with Smart Hub to watch your favorite contents, while additionally, you can also run additional Tizen based Smart Apps on the TV’s big screen. 802.11ac wireless is also attached in UN55MU8000 to help you get faster internet connection for your 4K contents. Check Today’s Offer of Samsung UN55MU8000 on Ebay here…


Similarities & Differences Table

We need to know the specs and features of Samsung UN55MU8500 and UN55MU8000 before We talk more about their key differences. We can find the specs and features of Samsung UN55MU8500 and UN55MU8000 on the table below with similarities & differences table format.

Samsung UN55MU8500 Samsung UN55MU8000
Introduced 2017 2017
Screen Size 55-Inch 55-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Backlight LED LED
Picture Engine UHD Remastering Engine UHD Remastering Engine
Color Technology 4K Color Drive Extreme 4K Color Drive Extreme
10bit Support YES YES
HDR 4K HDR Extreme 4K HDR Extreme
Peak Illuminator Pro YES YES
Precision Black YES YES
Processor Quad-Core Quad-Core
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 240 Motion Rate 240
3D Feature NO NO
Smart TV Platform Smart Hub Smart Hub
Remote Standard Smart Remote (TM1750A) Standard Smart Remote (TM1750A)
Speaker System 2.1Ch 40W 2.1Ch 40W
Built-in Wifi 802.11ac 802.11ac
HDMI/USB 4/3 4/3
Panel Design Curved Flat
Depth Enhancing Technology Auto Depth Enhancer Contrast Enhancer
Price More Expensive

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Less Expensive

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What is The Key Difference Between Samsung UN55MU8500 and UN55MU8000?

If We look at the table above, We can find that most of the aspects of Samsung Samsung UN55MU8500 and UN55MU8000 are similar. We can find the difference only on the panel design of Samsung UN55MU8500 and UN55MU8000 as well additional depth enhancing technology related to the panel design used. Samsung UN55MU8500 is able to deliver panoramic watching experience with its curved panel design combined with Auto Depth Enhancer that deliver greater sense of depth across on its curved screen. While Samsung UN55MU8000 comes with flat panel design that only deliver conventional flat panel watching experience. Besides the panel design, You can find that all other aspects and features of Samsung UN55MU8500 and UN55MU8000 are similar.

There’s indeed difference on the price of Samsung UN55MU8500 and UN55MU8000. Samsung UN55MU8500 that positioned higher is offered at the higher price than Samsung UN55MU8000. How much is their price difference? We need to check the latest price of those two TVs before we can find their latest price difference. TV prices are


Which Samsung’s 55-Inch Premium UHD TV is More Suitable for You?

We have discussed about Samsung UN55MU8500 and UN55MU8000 then talk more about their difference. We can find that the key difference of Samsung UN55MU8500 and UN55MU8000 come from their panel design. Samsung UN55MU8500 comes with curved panel design, while Samsung UN55MU8000 comes with flat panel design. With curved panel design, you can indeed experience panoramic watching experience that enhanced with auto depth enhancer. So when you are looking for the new panoramic watching experience and don’t mind to spend slightly higher for it, then Samsung UN55MU8500 is more suitable for you. Where’s recommended place to order one? You should Check Today’s Offer of Samsung UN55MU8500 on Ebay here…

In the other side, You can find Samsung UN55MU8000 as the option that you can consider when you have less budget but you want to get exactly similar picture and features as Samsung UN55MU8000. It’s also the option that you can consider when you still prefer conventional flat panel watching experience than panoramic watching experience of curved panel screen. So when you have more limited budget or simply prefer flat panel screen then Samsung UN55MU8000 is the one that suitable for you. Where should you order Samsung UN55MU8000? We recommend you to Check Today’s Offer of Samsung UN55MU8000 on Ebay here…


  1. Aaron

    These TVs are not the equivalent models to the ks8000 and ks8500, they are new mid-range models as the Q7C and Q7F are the ks equivalents. The Qleds are this year’s quantum dot panels and the mu are 8 bit panels with filters to bring them up to 10 bits.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thanks Aaron for your revision. I will update this review accordingly.


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