Samsung UN65JS8500 vs LG 65UF9500 Review : Which One is Better?

When you are looking for 65-Inch Smart TV then Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500 are two options that you can’t pass especially when you are looking the best 65-Inch Smart TV with flat panel design and the latest picture and Smart TV technology. Samsung UN65JS8500 is introduced as the top model for 65-Inch flat Smart 4K UHD TV as well as the member of the new Samsung SUHD TV series. While the LG 65UF9500 is introduced as the top model for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV and also the member of UF9500 that come as the top model for non OLED smart 4K UHD TV. Those two TVs make you confused on which of them is better right? To answer the question about which of those two TVs is better, you can move forward and read the rest of this article to see which of them is the better choice for your home.

Samsung UN65JS8500 vs LG 65UF9500 : Similarities Between Them

Are there any similarities between Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500? For sure there are several similarities between them that’s way you are confused on which of them is the better choice for you. To recap the similarities of them quickly, you can see the table below

Samsung UN65JS8500 LG 65UF9500
Released March 2015 March 2015
Size of Screen 65-inch 65-inch
Panel Design Flat Flat
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
4K/UHD Upscaler YES YES
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 240 TruMotion 240Hz
Display Backlight LED LED
Remote Control Smart Smart
Processor Quad-Core Processor Quad-Core Processor
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
USB/HDMI 4/3 4/3
Samsung UN65JS8500

Samsung UN65JS8500

After looking at the table above, We can see that there are several similarities between Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500. Do you want to know more about those similarities? Here’s a discussion about the similarities of them

1. Picture Resolution

Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500 come with the same 4K UHD picture resolution. With 4K UHD picture resolution, you can enjoy brilliant picture quality that technically up to four time the quality of Full HD contents. The only problem with 4K resolution is the contents. There’re still limited contents available with original 4K sources. But the solution come with those TVs as well. They are both completed with Upscale technology that bring HD contents into near 4K picture quality. So that you can enjoy your favorite HD contents with near 4K picture quality on both of those TVs.

2. Smart TV

Both of Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500 come with Smart TV platform. Although They are using different Smart TV platform, but basically They work the same way on delivering premium entertainment to your home. To complete the Smart TV functions, both of those two TVs are also completed with built-in wifi that help you to connect to your favorite content providers faster by connecting to your home network. Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500 are both also come with 3D feature that give you option to watch your favorite contents in 3D or 2D although the type of the 3D that installed on those two TVs are different. The remote control that come with those TVs are both Smart Remote control. Although the forms are different. To support the Smart TV so that It’s able to execute heavy apps and multi-tasking process, Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500 are completed with quad-core processor so that you can run your favorite apps with faster processing time.

3. Refresh Rate

Both of Samsung and LG use the new definition for their effective refresh rate technology. Samsung use the new Motion Rate as a replacement of their older Clear Motion Rate (CMR), while LG replace their older Ultra Clarity Index with the new TruMotion term. Samsung UN65JS8500 get Motion Rate 240, while the new LG 65UF9500 is installed with TruMotion 240Hz. Although They come with different refresh rate technology, but It’s essentially the same. They are both able to deliver smooth fast motion images that needed to enjoy your favorite fast action movies and sports without any motion blur.


Samsung UN65JS8500 vs LG 65UF9500 : Their Differences

Besides several similarities that make you confused on choosing between Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500, there are also few differences between Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500. What are their differences? You can take a look quickly on their differences with the table below.

Samsung UN65JS8500 LG 65UF9500
Smart TV Platform 2015 Samsung Smart TV WebOS 2.0
Color Technology Nano Crystal Color, PurColor ColorPrime with Nano Spectrum
Picture Technology Peak Illuminator Pro, Precision Black, UHD Dimming Tru-4K Engine, IPS Panel
Remote Control Samsung Smart Control Magic Remote
3D Type Active 3D Passive 3D
Speaker System 2.2Ch 40W 4.2Ch 60W
Price +/- $200 Higher

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+/- $200 Lower

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LG 65UF9500

LG 65UF9500

When We look at the table above, We can find that there are few different aspects of Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500. I’m quite sure that you want to know more about those differences in details. Do you?

1. Smart TV Platform

Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500 come as Smart TV. But They are use different Smart TV platform. Samsung use the new 2015 Samsung Smart TV that come with big improvement from the previous 2014 Samsung Smart TV with the Tizen as its Operating System. While the 2015 LG Smart TV use the new WebOS 2.0 that comes as improvement from the previous WebOS 1.0. 2015 Samsung Smart TV is better with its ability to run more Smart Apps that supported by Tizen OS. While WebOS 2.0 has only relatively more limited number of Smart Apps that are able to be run. But on the design aspect, both of 2015 Samsung Smart TV and WebOS 2.0 come with beautiful layout and intuitive user menu.

2. Picture Technology

As the Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500 come from different manufacturer, They use different approach to deliver the possible best picture quality. To deliver best color quality, Samsung UN65JS8500 use the new Nano Crystal color technology that combined with PurColor technology. With Nano Crystal Color, Samsung UN65JS8500 can deliver true-to-life color details that combined with PurColor technology that expand the color range on the TV screen. While the LG 65UF9500 use the ColorPrime with nano spectrum technology that can bring full range of color for greater realism. When We compare the result, the color details on Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500 are relatively the same. They are both able to bring the next level of color details on the TV screen.

Samsung UN65JS8500 also comes with Peak illuminator Pro and precision black technology. It’s also coming with the standard UHD Dimming that widely installed on Samsung 4K UHD TV. In the other side, LG 65UF9500 comes with Tru-4K Engine pro and use the In Plane Switching (IPS) Panel. When We look at the contrast of those two TVs, you can find that Samsung UN65JS8500 comes with better contrast with better details on the bright par of the screen with peak illuminator pro and deeper black levels with precision black technology. While LG 65UF9500 is relatively better in viewing angles with the In Plane Switching panel that deliver more accurate details from any angles you are watching.

3. 3D Type

As We have talked before, both of Samsung UN65JS8500 and LG 65UF9500 come with 3D feature. But they have different type of 3D. Samsung UN65JS8500 use Active 3D, while LG 65UF9500 use passive 3D. Basically Active 3D is able to deliver accurate 3D in the shorter watching distance but It needs heavier glasses, while Passive 3D need more distance to deliver 3D optimally while It’s lighter in its 3D glasses. There’s no real winner here.

4. Speaker System

Samsung UN65JS8500 use 2.2Ch 40W speaker system, while LG 65UF9500 comes with 4.2Ch 60W speaker system designed by Harman Kardon. When talked about the output result, the sound quality of LG 65UF9500 is better. It’s able to deliver more powerful immersive sound quality than Samsung 2.2Ch 40W. So on the sound output aspect, We can say that Samsung UN65JS8500 is better than LG 65UF9500.

5. Price

There’s a little difference on the price aspect. Samsung UN65JS8500 is commonly priced at around $200 more expensive price than LG 65UF9500. But the $200 price difference is not really significant when compared to the price of those two TVs.

Which One is Better?

After talking about the similarities and differences of those two TVs, then It’s time to make conclusion which of those two TVs is better. Samsung UN65JS8500 is better when It comes to Smart TV platform and the vibrant of the screen. So when you are looking for more vibrant color contrast on the TV screen and planning to run more smart apps on your TV then you should consider Samsung UN65JS8500. Samsung UN65JS8500 is rated with excellent star ratings by the customers. They mostly said that the TV is able to deliver excellent picture quality both with original 4K UHD content sources or from HD contents that upscaled into near 4K picture quality. If you want to know more about the customers’ feedback, You can read more about Samsung UN65JS8500 Customers’ reviews here…

LG 65UF9500 is better with its 4.2Ch 60W speaker system that can deliver more powerful surround sound quality and its wider viewing angle with IPS Panel. So if you are looking for better sound quality or more accurate color from any angle you are watching, then you should go ahead with LG 65UF9500. It’s also getting excellent rating from the customers. Mostly the customers talk about great picture quality that completed with perfect sound quality. Do you want to know more about the customers feedback? You can find more reviews and suggestions from LG 65UF9500 customers here…

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