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Samsung UN65MU8000 vs UN65MU6300 Review : Comparison of Samsung’s 2017 65-Inch Premium and Standard 4K UHD TV

Samsung UN65MU8000

Both of Samsung UN65MU8000 and UN65MU6300 are two 65-Inch Flat 4K UHD TVs introduced by Samsung on their 2017 TV lineup. Samsung UN65MU8000 comes as the basic 65-Inch model for Samsung’s 2017 Premium 4K UHD TV, while Samsung UN65MU6300 comes as the basic 65-Inch option of Samsung’s 2017 standard 4K…
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Samsung UN65MU7000 vs UN65KU7000 Comparison : Why Samsung UN65MU7000 is a Better Successor Model?

Samsung UN65MU7000

Samsung UN65MU7000 (UN65MU7000FXZA) comes as the successor of Samsung UN65KU7000 (UN65KU7000FXZA). Samsung UN65MU7000 comes as part of Samsung’s 2017 TV lineup, while Samsung UN65KU7000 comes as part of previous Samsung’s 2016 TV lineup. As the successor-predecessor models, We can find that there are similarities between those two 65-Inch 4K LED…
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Samsung UN65MU8500 vs UN65KS8500 Comparison : What’s Similar and What’s Different?

Samsung UN65MU8500

Although It’s not 100% correct, We can call Samsung UN65MU8500 (UN65MU8500FXZA) as the newer model of Samsung UN65KS8500 (UN65KS8500FXZA). Why It’s not 100 correct? Because Samsung UN65MU8500 is part of Samsung’s 2017 Premium UHD TV series, while Samsung UN65KS8500 is part of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV series. Why We can…
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Samsung UN40MU7000 vs UN40MU6300 Similarities & Differences : What is the Reason to Consider Samsung UN40MU7000?

Samsung UN40MU7000

Samsung UN40MU7000 (UN40MU7000FXZA) and Samsung UN40MU6300 (UN40MU6300FXZA) are two choices that We can find for standard 40-Inch flat Smart 4K UHD TV from Samsung’s 2017 TV lineup. Samsung UN40MU7000 is more expensive than Samsung UN40MU6300. What is the reason to consider the more expensive Samsung UN40MU7000? Let’s answer that question by…
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Samsung UN75MU9000 vs UN75MU8000 Review : Similarities & Differences Between Samsung’s 75-Inch Flat Premium UHD TVs

Samsung UN75MU9000

You have two choices when It comes to Samsung’s 75-Inch Flat screen Premium UHD TV, Samsung UN75MU9000 and UN75MU8000. As two choices for 75-Inch Premium UHD TV, you can find several similarities between those two TV models. What are similarities and differences between those two TVs? Let’s talk about that…
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