Vizio M60-D1 vs M60-C3 Comparison : Vizio’s New and Old 60-Inch M Series Similarities and Differences

M60-D1 and M60-C3 are two Vizio’s 60-Inch M-model from 2016 and 2016 lineup. As the newer and older model, you can find similarities and differences between those two M-model. What are their similarities and differences? I’m sure that you are interested to know more about their similarities and differences if you consider Vizio’s 60-Inch M-model as your next 4K UHD TV. We will try to help you on this article to discuss the similarities and differences of those two TVs then decide which of them is the one that you should choose.

The Similarities

Vizio M60-D1 and M60-C3 come as similar 60-Inch M-model, although They come from different lineup year. That’s way, you can find that there are similarities between those two TVs. What are their similarities? You can find their similarities on the table below.

Vizio M60-D1 Vizio M60-C3
Screen Size 60-inch 60-inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Backlight Full-Array LED Full-Array LED
Spatial Scaling Engine YES YES
Local Dimming Active LED Zones Active LED Zones
UHD Picture Processor VM50 Engine VM50 Engine
Refresh Rate Clear Action 720 Clear Action 720
3D Feature NO NO
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
Built-In Wi-Fi 802.11 ac 802.11 ac
Vizio M60-D1

Vizio M60-D1

After looking at the table above, Now We can talk more details about the similarities of M60-D1 and M60-C3.

1. Full-Array LED Backlight with Local Dimming

Both of Vizio M60-D1 and M60-C3 come with Full-Array LED Backlight that combined with Active LED Zones that act as local dimming. With Full-Array LED backlight, you can get superior light uniformity, while Active LED Zones bring better brightness level across the LED screen.

2. 4K UHD Resolution with Spatial Scaling Engine

4K UHD Resolution is the picture resolution that installed on Vizio M60-D1 and M60-C3. With 4K UHD resolution, you can get up to four times more brilliant picture quality than previous Full HD resolution. They also both come with Spatial Scaling Engine to deliver near 4K picture quality from HD content sources as most of the contents that We can find in the market are still in HD format.

3. Refresh Rate Technology

Good refresh rate technology is important to enjoy smooth fast motion images in LED TV screen. Vizio measure the quality of its LED TV refresh rate with Clear Action term. Both of VIzio M60-D1 and M60-C3 come with Clear Action 720. Clear Action 720 is able to deliver smooth fast motion images when you are watching your favorite action movies and sports.

4. Smart TV with 802.11 ac Wireless

Vizio M60-D1 and M60-C3 are both able to deliver premium entertainment, although later We will talk about their Smart TV platform difference. They also come with the latest 802.11 ac wireless that can deliver faster internet connection than previous 802.11 n wireless.

5. Speaker System

The speaker system that attached in both of Vizio M60-D1 and M60-C3 are quite basic with 2Ch 20W speaker system for their 60-Inch screen. The sound output is quite “thin” for some customers. But It’s easily solved with additional soundbar or other surround sound system that can bring richer and more immersive sound quality for those two TVs.


The Differences

Besides the similarities that you can find between Vizio M60-D1 and M60-C3, you can also find few differences between those two TVs. The differences between them can be found in the table of differences below.

Vizio M60-D1 Vizio M60-C3
Introduced 2016 2015
Panel Type IPS VA
Active LED Zones 64 32
Display Processor Quad-Core Six-Core
Smart TV Platform Vizio SmartCast Vizio Internet Apps Plus
Remote Control Tablet Remote Qwerty Remote
HDMI/USB 5/2 5/1
Price Higher

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Vizio M60 C3

Vizio M60 C3

Although We can see the differences between those two TVs quickly on the table above, I think you need to talk more about those differences in details. Let’s discuss those differences together.

1. Smart TV Platform

Smart TV platform is one of the essential improvement from the 2016 M-model. Vizio M60-D1 that comes as part of 2016 Vizio M-model comes with the new Vizio SmartCast as its Smart TV platform. While the older Vizio M60-C3 comes with Vizio Internet Apps Plus (VIA Plus) as its Smart TV platform. Vizio SmartCast offer more flexibility and smart features than the older Vizio Internet Apps Plus. You can simply enjoy your favorite premium contents on both of those Smart TV platform, but the new Vizio SmartCast give you ability to run more Smart Apps with the support of Google Cast.

2. TV Panel and Active LED Zones

While the picture technology of those two TVs are basically similar with Full-Array LED backlight and Active LED Zones, but those two TVs come with different panel. Vizio M60-D1 comes with IPS panel, while Vizio M60-C3 comes with VA Panel. IPS panel is able to deliver wider viewing angle than VA panel. The number of Active LED Zones that installed on those two TV’s screen are also different. Vizio M60-D1 is attached with 64 Active LED Zones, while Vizio M60-C3 comes with 32 Active LED Zones. With more Active LED Zones installed on the TV screen, you can get better contrast level across the LED screen.

3. Display Processor

The display processor of those two TVs are slightly different. Vizio M60-D1 comes with quad-core processor, while the older Vizio M60-C3 comes with Six-Core processor. There’s no big effect from this difference since both of those two TVs use similar VM50 Engine as well, and quad-core processor is enough to deliver optimized 4K picture quality.

4. Vizio HDR

HDR become more important in 2016. That’s way Vizio comes with Vizio HDR in their 2016 TV lineup. Vizio M60-D1 as part of 2016 TV lineup comes with Vizio HDR that support Dolby Vision. Vizio HDR is able to deliver enhanced brightness with more accurate details from High Dynamic Range (HDR) contents. Additionally, you can get more lifelike details with Dolby Vision as It’s widely used by major studios as their 4K mastering technology.

5. Remote Control

Vizio M60-D1 comes with the new tablet remote, while the older Vizio M60-C3 only comes with standard qwerty remote control. The new tablet remote is able to control what should be displayed on the TV’s screen with the SmartCast functions. While the Qwerty remote only can control the TV with standard control functions.

6. Price

As the new model, you can find that Vizio M60-D1 is widely offered at the higher price than Vizio M60-C3 as the older model. Do you want to know their price difference? While the price difference varies, You can find that few retailers offer Vizio M60-D1 at around $170 higher than Vizio M60-C3. The price difference is not fixed since TV price always change from month to month.

Summary : Should You Choose the New M-Model?

From our discussion, We can find that the new M60-D1 that comes as part of the newer 2016 M-model comes with improvements from the older M60-C3 that introduced as part of Vizio’s 2015 M-model. You can find that Vizio M60-D1 can deliver better contrast and details with more Active LED Zones and the new Vizio HDR that support Dolby Vision technology. Vizio M60-D1 also comes with the new Vizio SmartCast Smart TV platform that allow you to do more with your TV with additional tablet remote control. It’s indeed priced at a little higher price than Vizio M60-C3 but It’s still reasonable and worth the improvements It brings.

Vizio M60-C3 is in the other hand priced at the lower price. It’s indeed a little lower in picture technology as well as Smart functions. But essentially, Vizio M60-C3 is still able to deliver excellent 4K picture quality as well as bring premium entertainment to your home screen. It becomes a good choice for you if your budget is more limited.

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