LG 55LF6100 vs Vizio E55-C1 Comparison : Which 55-Inch Full HD TV to Choose?

When you consider LG 55LF6100 and Vizio E55-C1 as your next TV, I’m quite sure that you are looking for 55-Inch basic Smart TV with Full HD resolution. LG 55LF6100 and VIzio E55-C1 are both positioned as basic 55-Inch Smart TV as They are still using the standard technology with basic Smart TV platform. They also still use Full HD resolution, while 4K UHD is already a popular choice for 55-Inch Smart TV. But as basic 55-Inch LED TV, They come with affordable price. Which of those 55-Inch Smart TV is more suitable for your choice? This article talk more about comparison of those two basic Smart TV.

LG 55LF6100 Short Review

LG 55LF6100

LG 55LF6100

LG 55LF6100 comes as part of LG LF6100 model. LG LF6100 model is the newer model of less popular LG LB6100 from LG’s 2014 lineup. LG 55LF6100 comes with Triple XD as its picture engine. Triple XD is widely installed on LG’s Full HD TV and It’s able to bring brilliant picture quality in Full HD screen. LG 55LF6100 is completed with the older Smart TV platform of LG that usually callled LG Smart TV of also called NetCast 4.5. Although It’s basic Smart TV platform, but It can deliver premium entertainment to your home screen such as Netflix, Youtube and Huluplus.

How’s the customers commented on LG 55LF6100 that They purchased? Mostly They said about positive things about LG 55LF6100. The picture quality of this TV is excellent said most of the customer. The customer also said that They don’t experience any lag or ghosting when using the TV to play games or watching action sports. The Smart TV is basic said some of the customers but It works well. The 20W speaker system is enough for the majority of customers that They said It can deliver good sound quality. Do you want to know more about their comments? You can go to this page and read more LG 55LF6100 customers’ reviews…

 Vizio E55-C1 Short Review

Vizio E55-C1

Vizio E55-C1

Vizio just released E-Series model for their Full HD lineup in 2015. One of the variance is Vizio E55-C1 with 55-Inch screen size. Vizio E55-C1 comes with Full-Array LED Backlight that combined with 12 Active LED Dimming. Full Array LED Backlight is able to deliver brilliant picture quality, while 12 Active LED Dimming is able to bring vibrant color contrast across the TV screen. Vizio E55-C1 is already installed with Smart TV, although It’s a basic one, that named Vizio Internet Apps Plus. Although It’s basic Smart TV platform, but It still can deliver premium entertainment on your TV screen anytime you want to enjoy it. Vizio E55-C1 is also completed with Clear Action 240 that bring smoother fast motion images on your TV screen.

Most of the customers are satisfied with their Vizio E55-C1 purchase. They mostly said about good picture quality delivered by this TV. They also talked about the TV that’s easy to set up as well as can deliver premium entertainment from premium content providers without any problems. This TV is also easy to set up and works excellent as monitor as well. Do you want to know more about this TV from the customers who already own it? You can read more about Vizio E55-C1 customers’ reviews here…

LG 55LF6100 vs Vizio E55-C1 Specs Table

Before We can talk about the comparison of LG 55LF6100 and Vizio E55-C1, We should know their specs. This table give you quick info on the specs of those two TVs.

LG 55LF6100 Vizio E55-C1
Introduced 1st Quarter of 2015 1st Quarter of 2015
Size of Screen 55-inch 55-inch
Resolution 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Backlight Direct LED Full Array LED
Display Technology Triple XD Engine 12 Active LED Zones
Refresh Rate TruMotion 120Hz Clear Action 240
Smart TV LG Smart TV / NetCast 4.5 Vizio Internet Apps Plus
Remote Control Standard Remote Standard Remote
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2CH 20W
Built-In Wi-Fi YES YES
USB/HDMI 3/3 3/1
Price Basically the Same

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Commonly the Same

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Comparison of LG 55LF6100 vs Vizio E55-C1

After looking at the table above, then It’s the right time to talk about comparison of those two TVs.

Picture Technology

LG 55LF6100 and Vizio E55-C1 are both 1080p Full HD in resolution. They also both use LED as their backlight, although They use different type of LED. LG 55LF6100 use Direct LED, while Vizio E55-C1 use Full-Array LED. For picture technology, LG 55LF6100 still rely on Triple XD Engine, while Vizio E55-C1 still depend on 12 Active LED Zones that combined with Full-Array LED Backlight. So which is better? We can say that those two TVs are both able to deliver good picture quality. So when We talk about picture technology, We can find that those two TVs are almost equal quality although the approach on delivering the picture is different.

Refresh Rate Technology

LG 55LF6100 comes with TruMotion 120Hz refresh rate, while Vizio E55-C1 is completed with Clear Action 240 refresh rate. They are different in technology name but when We talk about the result, those two technology approach are relatively the same. They are both able to deliver smooth fast action images with less motion blur.

Smart TV Platform

LG 55LF6100 use LG Smart TV / NetCast 4.5 as its Smart TV platform, while Vizio E55-C1 comes with Vizio Internet Apps Plus. They are both also installed with built-in wifi to connect to your home network without any hassle. Basically We can call NetCast 4.5 and Vizio Internet Apps as basic Smart TV platform. They can essentially deliver premium entertainment to your home. Which is better? They are comparable Smart TV platform.


As basic Smart TV, LG 55LF6100 and Vizio E55-C1 are not completed with 3D feature and Smart Remote. So you can only enjoy 2D entertainment and control the TV using standard remote control. The difference between them is only on the USB inputs, while the HDMI is also the same. Both of them come with 3 HDMI inputs, while LG 55LF6100 comes with 3 USB and Vizio E55-C1 comes with 1 USB inputs.

On the audio aspect, you can find that LG 55LF6100 and Vizio E55-C1 are both completed with the same speaker system. They are both installed with 2Ch 20W speaker system that’s enough to bring good sound quality in 55-Inch screen.


After We talk about various aspects of LG 55LF6100 and Vizio E55-C1 that mostly comparable, We can also see that their price is also the same. You can find those two TVs are commonly offered at few dollars less than $600. The perfect price for basic 55-Inch Smart TV.

Which Basic 55-Inch Smart TV for You?

After We talk about LG 55LF6100 and Vizio E55-C1, We can see that They are mostly the same in picture result, sound, features and price. LG 55LF6100 maybe is a better choice for you when you need more USB inputs on your next TV. It’s also good choice if you can find it priced at the lower price through closeout deals and big discount. Where to order LG 55LF6100? We recommend you to order LG 55LF6100 here…

In the other hand, Vizio E55-C1 is also a good choice for you as well. It’s able to bring excellent picture and sound quality, as well as deliver premium entertainment without any problems. It’s a perfect choice if you prefer Vizio Internet Apps Plus Smart TV platform than the older LG Smart TV. It’s even better price if you can find it at the lower price than LG 55LF6100. If you are looking for the recommended place to order one, you can order Vizio E55-C1 here…

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